Ready to Build Your Fantasy Home in the Desert?

Ready to Build Your Fantasy Home in the Desert?

The living room glides outdoors . . . an ultra-desert home . . . and its affordable . . . seriously!

Panorama Pass, famous for being both “out of the way” and “at the center of everything” in the Southern California Desert, has something else to offer that is “out of this world.” Symbio Designs, an emissary of the “Fantastical Panorama Pass Community” (@92256) will build a custom home for you like no home you’ve ever seen . . . and its affordable.

Watch this video….

Yes! The living room went outdoor . . . at the verbal command of “living room out.”  The kitchen goes to three locations.   Symbio Designs has many properties on which to build and many architecture designs like this one. Build one that is all about you.

Here is one process you might pursue:

  1. Call 866-922-5603 or email to make an appointment when you come to visit the desert.
  2. Allow half a day to meet at the showroom:
    a. Talk about your custom home interests and needs.
    b. Take a field trip to look at gorgeous properties where your home can be built.
  3. We have the land, the architecture and can build a home for you in 6 months.
  4. We can also help arrange financing (this at a time when money is available at historically low prices.)
    Note: If you contract with Symbio Designs to build a home, we can include your staying in one of the “Panorama Pass Villages” while your home is being built.

Put simply:

  1. This week, this month, meet with us, determine the custom home you want, pick out your property, each property with distinct characteristics and majestic desert views. (Note: If you have property; fantastic.)
  2. Contract Symbio Designs to build your fantasy home.
  3. If you like, you will be able to stay in a Panorama Pass Village the following weekend while your home is being built.  In other words, you can call the desert your home two weeks from now if you should choose . . . and soon be living in a home that is “out of this world.”

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